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Winter Season

Our hotel also open for winter season and during the whole winter season all the rooms full.In winter season most of our guests are from Europa.During the whole winter season;we hotel staff are allways standing beside of our guests in case of any problem or for anything and trying help them,solve the problems.When we are doing this,do it with volunteer.

During the winter season we have also some activities with our guests,like bingo,live music on sunday,excursions.Specialy the excursions will be very interesting we guess.Specialy 'DOCTOR FISHES AND SPA' will be very interesting and many our guests will focusing on it we guess,because those fishes will be using for psöriasis and spa uses for romatoid artrit,ankilozan spondilit,psoriatik artrit,calcificition,back and neck pain,shortly for most of dermatological diseases and most of physical problems.As you can see we are considering also for our guests health not only supplying a room.

 Our guests feel like themselv in their own home and also feel like in real family environment and we are proud of it


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